Collaboration between colleagues and clients has always been fundamental to the profession. Thus, it is not surprising that when companies are the ones that encourage it, they experience an increase in productivity levels. Collaborating then becomes a vital exercise for any organization that seriously seeks to sustain itself successfully over time.

How can companies promote this joint work and generate synergies? The answer is simple: through the cloud. It has been a few years since the accounting sector began validating the benefits of the cloud.

cloud based phone system

Professionals have seen that cloud based phone system offer much more than backup services: they welcome the cloud as an ideal solution to improve teamwork. Cloud platforms eliminate barriers, create new opportunities to communicate, work together and much more. Let’s see some of the benefits of Cloud Based Phone System for Small Business:

*             Mobility

*             File management

*             File exchange

*             Synchronization

*             Communication

*             Portability



With the cloud, accountants can stay effective while travelling. More than just visiting clients, the cloud promotes a mobile workforce with the ability to work outside the office. From anywhere, at any time, accountants can use their mobile devices to access the tools and documents they need to complete commitments.

File management, file sharing and synchronization

Effectively managing work documents encourages collaboration in commitments. With the cloud base technology, it is simple to store, track and share the files. Limiting the time spent performing administrative tasks.

As a solution for file sharing, the cloud extends to customer service. With a secure client portal and a query system, the need for multiple batch of email and attachments is eliminated. This creates a more secure and optimized process that saves time and relieves logistical headaches. In addition to this, the participation teams can work simultaneously on files and synchronize efforts in real time.


The cloud also facilitates communication, an essential ingredient in effective collaboration. Cloud platforms facilitate the exchange of status reports, work and comments in real time. They also provide comments to those who must supervise or control the progress of each activity. In addition, the cloud is an effective solution to track this communication, thanks to its intuitive organization by categories.


By eliminating communication and management barriers, the cloud becomes the optimal tool to increase productivity. As a result, companies can optimize their billable hours and devote more time to consulting and advisory services, two ways to ensure a good relationship with each client.

Some other benefits of clouds technologies are below:

Better suppleness:

Organizations develop and change over time and suppleness has become an essential part to maintain productivity. Association benefit to a large degree from the capability to simply adopt and organize services as the require arises. Cloud computing permits for the competence and suppleness of monitoring workloads.


Another method in which cloud computing add to productivity is through the well-organized employ of resources. The cloud is scalable; this is chiefly significant for projects that have business fluctuations, development cycles or rapid growth. When a company grows at a rapid pace, it is better to expand its services with the help of the cloud platform.

Reliable and affordable technology:

Smart companies around the world let the cloud do all the heavy lifting. This, implies all the computer science and the analysis. The user is not the only one who maintains the hardware but also the parent company which guarantees that it is reliable and up-to-date. These products are affordable and guarantee that they offer advantages to users. Companies can access well-maintained technology if they rent space in the cloud.

Normally, the total bill is calculated on the amount used in a certain period of time together with a minimum rate.