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A lot of small businesses these days are adopting cloud-based phone systems to improve their business. The cloud-based phone system for small businesses is proving to be very effective for them. It is passed on through the net, which is why even when one is traveling to foreign countries, they don’t need to be worried about connection as long as they have an internet connection.

Cloud Based Phone System for Small Business

What is Cloud Based Phone System?

This phone system is based on the VoIP concept which allows it to be hosted around many secure off-site data centers. Both, the phone and server make use of the internet to find the potential flaws. One of the most prominent examples of the cloud-based phone system is host PBX (private branch exchange).
The cloud-based smartphones have the same features as that of any complete phone system. This type of phones supports call transfers, music, conference calling, automated assistant and more. Moreover, they are easy. One major benefit of the cloud-based phone systems is that there is no requirement to update or install anything as there is no physical device. Moreover, managing and adding extensions is very easy with this system.

How is Cloud-Based Phone System different from others?

The VoIP cloud-based phone system is very cost efficient as there is no need to manage the hardware. This further helps in saving a major part of the phone bill. The only main requirement of the cloud-based phone system for small businesses is to transfer calls using the secure internet connection. However, the cloud-based phone systems for small businesses should be able to connect the workers within the company. They should be providing many significant features such as call recording and virtual voicemail. The VoIP cloud-based phone system can also ensure paperless fax, helping you save money in one more aspect. It is one of the most prominent modern day technology for easy, fast and secure communication. As a result, they are very different from others.

Cloud Based Phone System Small Business

How does a cloud-based phone system work?

The days of using the traditional phone lines are gone,and the VoIP cloud-based phone system uses the internet to function. It is for this reason that they are often referred to as Voice Over Internet Protocol.
This system helps to connect calls using one simple internet connection allowing the small businesses to cut down on expenses in many factors, as compared to that of the traditional phones.Ringvantage is one of the leading providers of cloud-based phone system for small businesses.

Cloud-Based Phone System Features

Some of the prominent cloud-based phone system features include the following

  • Webphone- This browser application enables the users to make calls from any web
  • CRM Integration- This feature allows the system to access CRM (Customer
    relationship manager) software helping to make calls on your behalf. This helps with
    time management.
  • Cost effective- The user can make unlimited inbound and outbound clouds as long as
    they have an effective internet connection.
  • Auto attendant- This enables different automated voice message on behalf of the
Cloud Based System for Small Business

VoIP Cloud-Based Phone System Pros and Cons


  • You may need a different type of phone, IP phone to access the VoIP system.
  • It is completely dependant on internet connection and won’t function if the connection
    isn’t strong.
  • The sudden vanishing of the server connection or hosting issues can trouble you
    while operating the cloud-based phone systems.


  • It is cost-effective as the user does not need to spend excessive money in hardware,
    and maintenance of the system.
  • The phone bills are about 40-80% lesser than that of the traditional bills
  • The cloud-based phone systems are easily accessible and can be easily transferred
    from one place to another.
  • Easy backup available thereby proving to be reliable for the users.

All the small and medium businesses are adopting the cloud-based phone systems for their benefits. However, if you work around with a lot of sensitive and private data, you may not want to get cloud-based phone system for small businesses.

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