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Reliable Enterprise VOIP Solutions & Powerful Enterprise Communication Solutions

Every business or enterprise has its own specific set of needs, that is dependent on the overall structure of the business. Compared to a small business, a large business can have a large number of challenges in the business. Ringvantage’s communication systems are extremely flexible and could be perfectly customized to meet your day to day business requirements.
It doesn’t matter whether your employees are working from home or they have logged in from office, they should be able to communicate seamlessly with ease. At the same time, your customers should reach to your employees, quickly and easily. We at Ringvantage, perfectly understand this and offer a wide range of Enterprise call VOIP solutions, that can simply refine the overall communications system of your business.

Flexible Solutions with Flexible Functionality

Ringvantage can customize the solutions in such a way so that each of the user’s telephones and tools will be perfectly matched to the needs. So, the tools will be defined as well as customized as per the role of the employees. For example, executives might require dashboards, while support staffs might require a CRM tool for logging the call. Employees will also have specific communication options as per their roles as well as functions. When we customized Enterprise VoIP solutions for your business, we not only mean you get customized solution but you also pay only for the options that you avail.

Scalable Solutions

The call volumes could be absolutely unpredictable, sometimes there might be a spike due to high call volume. Our solutions and equipment are extremely flexible to handle these kinds of unpredicted scenarios. We have Voice Optimized SD-WAN 6000, which can support up to extensions along with 250 simultaneous calls through capacity extension at the peak hour, and all this at a minimal cost.

Mobility Features

Today, the workplace is a diverse place. Employees do login from office, while some of them login from home, while some may login from client locations as well. Ringvantage completely understands this environment and we have solutions like Find Me Follow Me Services, Instant messaging and many other valuable applications that ensure that no matter wherever the employees are located, they are centrally connected.


Even if your employees are located in different geographical locations, or your clients are located in different geographical locations, you can always conduct a meeting or a training session, with Ringvantage’s conferencing facility. With the help of our standard voice conferencing facility, 150 users can join a voice call together. Similarly, with the video conferencing services 12 users can join, and interact with each other through video mode.

Call Center Based Solutions

A call center is a busy place, especially the shop floor of the call center. It is quite a task to manage a call center, and we know this. Ringvantage has a range of solutions for you, that can streamline call center operations by pooling the lines into a single and through bursting lines. Our solutions also ensure real-time modification of call queues and unifying dial plans. Our services ensure that call center operations run efficiently at an optimized cost.

Call Recording

Call recording is a must-havefeature for the call centers. Through call recordings, you can monitor employee’s performance and customer satisfaction. Through recorded calls, you can also ensure quality control on the calls. We have on premises call recording solutions along with Cloud-Based VoIP solutions, and you can select either of them as per your requirement.

Disaster tolerant and Disaster Recovery Solutions

We have a disaster tolerant and disaster recovery solutions for your business. These solutions ensure that your business is never affected with any downtime, and it is never disrupted on an event of a disaster. Ringvantage’s business continuity solutions ensure that calls are routed or voicemails are stored, on an event of a high call volume. This ensures that your customer’s call is answered at a shortest possible time and leave them absolutely delighted. 30-Day Guarantee- Adopting a new phone system into your business could only ensure success and rich results. We will help you in this transition, and design your success. Ringvantage communication systems are robustly built on quality assurance solutions: RingvantageWatch closely monitors the status of each of your locations. RingvantagePath performs a quality test on the calls every hour. We offer our 30-day money back guarantee on our Enterprise VoIP or Communication solutions, which should alleviate you from any form of concerns, and encourage you to try our product confidently.

An ultimate team effort with Ringvantage Enterprise Edition

No matter wherever your employees are logged in, from home or from office, they can work best only if they work as a single unit. Ringvantage’s Enterprise Edition Unified Communications System helps to transform your workforce into a single unit and make it more productive. If you have more than 500 employees, or your employees are located across multiple locations, we can design as well as customize the phone and communication system as per your needs and will help you to stay connected. Ringvantage’s enterprise solutions include:
Polycom VVX phones (Top quality voice hardware)
RingVantagePhone for mobile workers (Both iPhone & Android)
RingVantage Chat- allows easy communication without distracting phone conversations.
RingvantageVideo- Start video conferencing with 12 users in a session.
Ringvantage Fax: Send fax even without a fax machine.
Call Recording: Record the calls, and review them later.
Add-ons: Get add-ons tools to increase productivity and make the environment more collaborative.

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