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Cloud-Based Phone Systems Solution for Midsize Business

For a mid-sized business, there are multiple challenges as well as obstacles. Especially for those businesses, who resources are split across multiple locations, including the remote resources as well.
Even though the resources are remote or they are split across, you have to make sure that they communicate amongst themselves, since proper and effective communication is key to the growth of the business. However, you have to communicate with the available channels as well as capabilities that business has. Sometimes this might not work since the communication needs of one employee are different from the other. At the same time, the communication system for the business should be extremely flexible and user-friendly so that they can be utilized to their complete capacity by the employees. Ringvantage has got perfect solutions for your business.
Ringvantage understands the challenges faced by the business, on the day to day basis. That is why we have a wide range of products and services, that are meant specifically for the mid-sized businesses.

Dynamic pooling of lines & Bursting lines

If you are worried that how your business is scattered among multiple locations, then we have a solution for your business. Out solutions allow to share a single pool of lines across all the locations. You can also add some lines dynamically, on the go.

Scalable Service

Now you can handle a large volume of traffic and data with our fully scalable systems. Once your business starts growing, you can also add more capacity at a very minimal cost.

Call Recording

If you are looking to monitor the calls, review the calls for quality checks or maybe even want to check employee performance, then record the calls with our solutions. Ringvantage provides both, cloud-based call recording as well as on-premises call recording options for our esteemed customers. You can select any of these options, that is best for your business.

Intercom Facility

One of the best ways to connect multiple employees scattered throughout the office is intercom. Intercom makes communication more flexible and easier. The best part is, all our phones are equipped with intercom facility, even those phones which are installed at different locations.

Call transfer between multiple locations

Now transfer calls at ease across multiple locations, with our cloud-based phone system. This includes the transfer between the multiple office locations along with the home workers. It operates as a single unified system. We also have provisions for automatic call routing to different locations, in case the call volume is quite high. This will make sure that your customers are satisfied at the end of the day, and their calls get answered on time. If you have multiple call centers, located at different locations then our ACD features are best for you.

Disaster Tolerance and Recovery

Our cloud-based solutions make your business disaster tolerant, and help the business to recover on an event of a disaster. Our cloud-based message storage system, and our ability for re-routing calls to mobile phones along with phones located in different locations ensure that there is no downtime in your business.

Big Results for Midsize Companies

Today’s professionals are much more dynamic and their requirements have become dynamic as well. They need tools to become accessible and productive. Ringvantage has a host of unified communication tools that can help the mid-size businesses to become more efficient, more productive and more collaborative.
For a mid-sized company, ideally, 500 lines in one single location are required along with distributed communication for mobile and home workers. Our solutions are scalable and flexible enough to meet your requirements. You can name it, and we have it for you. So, if you need a softphone or a deskphone or a mobile solution, we have it all for you. We can customize our solutions, based on the number of lines you require or a number of seats you have.
With a unified approach, we also integrate our business communications system with the online tools through our cloud-based solutions.

Midsize Businesses can get Enterprise solutions at the price of the Small Businesses

Quality Voice Capabilities with features like Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer and Find Me-Follow Me.
Develop a mobile workforce through StarPhone (iPhone & Android).
Chat conveniently with StarChat, without distracting the phone conversations.
StarVideo allows you to do a video conference with 12 users in the same virtual room.
Fax even without a fax machine without StarFax.
Record calls and accesses them later.
Get add-ons for productivity, security,andCRM, and integrate it into your business. Make your business much more collaborative.

Ringvantage business solutions come with 30-day money back guarantee. We provide quality solutions for your business.
StartWatch: Closely monitor the status of a customer location, every five minutes.
StarPath: Ensure complete quality assurance by testing the call quality every hour

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