SimpleWan 2


Technical Specs

 480 Mbps Max. Throughput
 1 Ghz Quad Core AMD Geode T40E
 4GB DDR-1066 DRAM
 4GB On-Board Memory
 1 x WAN
 1 x Backup WAN
 1 x USB 4G
 1 x Serial Diagnostics
 1 x Reset Button
 1 x Power LED
 1 x Internet LED
 1 x Active LED
 Dimensions 6.61″ x 6.18″ x 1.18″
 Fan-less/Passive Heat-sink
 3 x 10/100Mb Ethernet Ports
 USB for 4G LTE
 18v 9 Watt Power Usage

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SimpleWan Advanced 2 SW302DA-NA
This device requires a monthly recurring subscription. Subsidized pricing is available for sites with SkySwitch phones registered. Refer to your MSA for details.

The SimpleWan router is part of a cloud based service. The Service, with small modular boxes (known as nodes), is deployed at any location that has an Internet connection. The system creates a network of devices that can give the cloud manager control over the local and wide area network of the customer, while managing the through put and function passing via the WAN. Our advanced technologies can manage these independently from one source or link the nodes together creating a large wide area network with an easy to control single interface. The cloud manager to the end user has the ability to manage the network in real time via the cloud portal.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 6.61 × 6.18 × 1.18 cm


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